During the summer, when the sun starts shinnig it is hard to miss the little shops and supermarkets that are trying to grab your attention as their displays move further out on to the pavement. Endless newspaper stands trying to erge people to buy a newspaper to read in the sun, sunglasses stands as many of us tend to walk out of the house without our sunglasses as blinding sun is so rare, and of course those amazing ice cream freezers that always look so tempting! I have to admit I am not one for impulse buying as I always tell myself "thats just what they want me to buy", but I found myself so shocked and delighted by the sunny weather on Tuesday that I couldnt resist that ice cream freezer and the new Magnum that was waiting inside. Even though I had spent an unnecessary £2.00 on an ice cream I didn't really need, I did not regret it, the impulse buy had worked on me. Now as I work in retail I can let you in on a little secret.....we love impulse buyers! Of course we put things by the till hoping you realise you have forgotten to buy it, or to just pick up another one just incase, it is all about the display and the weather is no different. We as retailers are constantly relying on the weather to sell our items for us however, it seems to be much easier for those selling cold drinks and ice creams than those of us selling footwear as we cannot so readily change depending on the weather. As I am sure ice cream sales go up when more people are seen eating them, this is how footwear works, we want to encourage everyone to display our brands for us! So go and pull on your shorts and skirts and finish off your look with some Moby Dick or Sebago deckshoes, some Earth Spirit sandals or even some lightweight John White or John Spencer brogues. Go ahead and spread the word! And if you haven't found your summer footwear yet this year you know where to look.