As I am sure most of you are aware Le Chameau is one of the leading brands in wellingtons and walking boots, they have been producing high quality footwear for over eighty years and have been seen on the feet of hard working farmers, shooters and 'outdoorsy' folk since they started producing. However over the past few months the waterproof footwear have found a new home on the slender legs of the our new Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. If you have found yourself reading the Sun or Daily mail newspaper or surfing Yahoo online news you will have been confronted with the pictures of the Duchess walking the adorable Lupo and watching her hubby play football while donnig her Le Chameau's. An educated eye can tell you that Kate's choice of footwear are not just a superb way of keeping your feet dry on a soggy British day but an excellent source of warmth and comfort. As oppossed to some of the other styles of wellington boot Le Chameau are a flattering fit as they hug your calf but with the choice of a gusset or zip give the wearer plenty of extra room if needed. This is probably the reason these boot have also recently been found on the feet of notorious animal-lover and vegan Stella McCartney. Apparently her line of 'vegan fashion'cannot find anything wrong with the hand-made French wellies. It is said that we look to famous icons as an example of what to wear, could this mean that they are suggesting that Le Chameau wellingtons are fashion? Everyone here at Tredders Quality Footwear wholeheartedly agree! Le Chameau has a extensive selection that are suitable for both work and leisure. Go ahead and be a part of the trend and get yourself a pair of Le Chameau's!

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