As one of the very few retailers left of the Alfred Sargent Veldtscheon collection we thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about them! 

The Alfred Sargent Veldtschoen collection combine practicality with the highest possible quality.  A guaranteed waterproof product these Veldtschoen boots were typically known as officers boots apparently with the term Veldtschoen coming out of the Boer war as a Dutch word, however the boots themselves did not arrive as mainstream footwear until WW1. 

With several manufacturers creating their own version of these classic boots, Alfred Sargent has by far created the most well known collection with two shoes and two boots, with a choice of commando rubber and leather soles, the Alfred Sargent Caldbeck, the Alfred Sargent Coldstream, the Alfred Sargent Kelso and the Alfred Sargent Selkirk

The Veldtshoen construction is a type of goodyear welting method where the linning is welted (stitched) to the insole edge befoer the upper is attached, once the lining has been stitched, the upper is placed on top of the welts and double-stitched onto the midsole, a second stitch then connects the upper with the welting and the outsole. This construction produces a sturdy, reliable product that is waterproof and will hold it's form.


As these products are no longer in regular circulation we are very happy to say that we currently have a good stock in all of these styles! 

So why not check out the Veldtshoen Collection on our website, or pop in to see us at our Castle Ashby countryside store!