1. What Is A Shoe Tree And Do I Really Need To Use One?

    What Is A Shoe Tree And Do I Really Need To Use One?

    “What is a shoe tree, and do I really need to use one?”

    It’s a question we often get asked and one we’re more than happy to answer. In short, yes – if you want to protect your handmade shoes and ensure they don’t lose shape, quality or comfort, then we highly recommend using a shoe tree whenever your shoes are in their ‘off season’ and here’s why.


    When well looked after, a pair of handmade shoes can last for many, many years, which is why it’s important to do everything possible to keep them looking fresh. Shoe trees are great for keeping formal shoes in shape, primarily because fine leathers often require a little extra support. More often than not, you don’t reach for your formal shoes on a regular basis, so keeping a shoe tree in them whilst they sit neatly in storage ensures they’re good as new each and every time you wear them.


    This may seem like a strange one, but by helping your shoes to remain in good form, they’re likely to be far more comfortable to wear. No more squeezing into shoes that are misshapen ...

  2. Tricker’s Handmade Footwear – A Closer Look

    Tricker’s Handmade Footwear – A Closer Look

    Founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker in the famed cobbler country of Northamptonshire, England’s oldest shoemaker, Tricker’s has been producing handmade footwear of the very highest quality for almost 200 years.

    Remaining a family-run business since inception, Tricker’s is now operating under its fifth generation of Tricker’s family management. As true to its foundations as it is to its family roots, each and every Tricker’s shoe is still produced at its original factory in the town centre of Northampton, with each pair undertaking the extensive 260 step process that makes Tricker’s shoes what they are.

    Though Tricker’s quickly built a strong reputation for its outstanding manufacture of high quality and durable footwear, the Tricker’s name reached global fame in 1840 when Joseph Tricker’s son-in-law, Walter James Barltrop, designed and created the world’s very first country boot. This innovation heralded a new age not only for Tricker’s but for country footwear as a whole, with the brand quickly becoming the maker of choice for country boots and shoes for farmers, estate owners and the landed gentry both near and far.

  3. New Brand Available At Tredders: Introducing John White

    New Brand Available At Tredders: Introducing John White

    Another of Northamptonshire’s established shoemakers joins the Tredders family this week, as some of John White’s latest styles become available both on our website and in store.

    The first UK footwear manufacturer to supply Macy’s in New York, John White has a rich history that dates back to 1919, providing the brand with more than 100 years of experience in crafting handmade footwear for all occasions.

    Perfect for wear to both casual and formal events, we are proud to stock four of John White’s latest styles, including the Cornwall Boat Shoe, Fowey Sneaker, Westfield Chukka Boot and Ebury Casual Brogue. Here’s all you need to know:

    Cornwall Boat Shoe - £120.00

    New to John White for its spring 2021 collection, the Cornwall Boat Shoe is available at Tredders in stunning brown. This nautical-inspired shoe features a raft of traditional elements including a deck waxed calf upper, double cut padded tongue and yachting rubber razor sole. Classic and stylish, this is a shoe that will see you into and well beyond the spring and summer seasons for years to come.


  4. Denton’s Handmade Footwear – Exclusive to Tredders

    Denton’s Handmade Footwear – Exclusive to Tredders

    Back in October, we welcomed new brand Denton’s to Tredders. Well-renowned for its expertly-crafted men’s fine footwear, let’s take a closer look at exactly what Denton’s has to offer.

    Eydon Loafer – £120.00

    Available in two colours including eye-catching blue Marine and subtle Tobacco, the Eydon Loafer from Denton’s is a smart moccasin that’s versatile enough to wear both casually and formally. Featuring a suede upper with contrast stitching for a sophisticated finish, the Eydon Loafer has been handcrafted from only the finest calf leather and suede materials. Both comfortable and fashionable – it’s a win-win!

    Litchborough Loafer - £120.00

    The second loafer in the Denton’s collection, the Litchborough, which is available in Dark Brown, features a true moccasin construction, accompanied by an Italian calf suede upper. With full calf lining and insole, this penny loafer is set on an EVA rubber outsole for durability and comfort. Slightly more structured than the Eydon, this is a loafer best suited to those who prefer a more traditional look.


  5. New Brand Available At Tredders: Introducing Joseph Cheaney & Sons

    New Brand Available At Tredders: Introducing Joseph Cheaney & Sons

    Established in 1886, Joseph Cheaney & Sons has a rich heritage that dates back more than 130 years.

    What started as a family business, focusing on manufacturing shoes exclusively for some of the world’s finest retailers with each pair branded to their individual company requirements, has now become a well-renowned name in the art of handcrafted footwear, producing unique shoes under the Cheaney brand.

    With such an amazing range of high quality, stylish shoes on offer, we’re proud to announce that we are now an official Cheaney stockist. Here’s a look at the Cheaney products now available at Tredders:

    Arthur III Oxford Brogue - £380.00

    Available at Tredders in both Dark Leaf and Black, Cheaney’s Arthur III, which forms part of the brand’s 125th Anniversary Collection, is a beautifully-handcrafted brogue featuring a wing cap design, perforation detail and embossed Goodyear welted leather soles. It's fully leather lined with full leather insole and is constructed using the highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. A timeless classic of style and sophistication, each and every pair of Arthur III brogues is handcrafted in Northamptonshire.

  6. New Brand Available At Tredders: Introducing Loake

    New Brand Available At Tredders: Introducing Loake

    It’s always an exciting day when a new brand joins the Tredders family and today we’re thrilled to introduce you to Loake – a family-run business that has been handcrafting stunning English shoes for more than 100 years.

    Founded in 1880, Loake is located at the very centre of English shoemaking, in the cobbler county of Northamptonshire. Since inception, Loake has prided itself on its understanding that handcrafting beautiful English shoes and boots requires both time and training. That’s why Loake’s shoemakers are trained to follow a thorough and intricate procedure, with the production of each pair of Loake footwear demanding an astonishing eight weeks of craftmanship and focus.

    Despite making its name by producing high quality Goodyear welted shoes using only the finest materials, Loake has expanded its range over the years to include footwear options to suit every occasion.

    Here’s a look at Loake’s latest styles, now available at Tredders:

    Buckingham Brogue - £245.00

    Available in four stunning colours including black, tan, brown and dark brown, the Buckingham Brogue is a Goodyear welted brogue, handcrafted in England. In traditional 1880s style, the Buckingham Brogue features a leather sole and a Capital last – ideal for more formal occasions, but great for providing breathable and long-lasting comfort.

  7. Introducing The Latest Styles From Sanders

    Introducing The Latest Styles From Sanders

    Established in 1873 by brother duo William and Thomas, Sanders Shoes boats a long and interesting history. Founded in Rushden, Northamptonshire – a county famed for its vast shoemaking heritage, Sanders has grown to become a globally-recognised shoemaker of high quality, beautifully handcrafted shoes for both men and women.

    Each and every pair of Sanders shoes undergoes a lengthy production process, something which its products are testament to. Made from the finest materials, with each pair undergoing numerous quality checks, Sanders prides itself on ensuring perfection in every pair.

    So, what’s new from Sanders for 2021?

    The Gibson Shoe – from £150.00

  8. Denton’s Footwear – Now Available Exclusively At Tredders

    Denton’s Footwear – Now Available Exclusively At Tredders

    We are extremely excited to welcome another Northamptonshire-based brand to the Tredders family, as we become exclusive stockists of Dentons’ expertly designed and crafted men’s fine footwear collection.

    With a rich family history of shoemaking, that dates back to 1840, generations of the Denton’s family have been involved in the design and manufacture of footwear, including everything from handmade leather brogues to tough safety boots.

    Bringing expert knowledge and an eye for first-class design, the Denton’s of today gains its inspiration from the luxurious nature of Italian shoemaking. With a design team based in the shoemaking capital – Northamptonshire and expert crafters located in Tuscany, the entire Denton’s range represents luxurious, high quality men’s footwear at affordable prices.

  9. English Handmade – New Arrivals from Barker Shoes!

    English handmade shoe new arrivals from barker shoes

    We are delighted to announce the expansion of our Barker Shoes range, offering both men and women more choice when it comes to smart and sophisticated shoes.

    The British brand, which is located in Northamptonshire at the very heart of English handmade shoemaking, never fails to impress, with options for everyone and every occasion. Whether you're in need of a new work shoe, a trusty boot or even a high quality moccasin, each pair of Barker Shoes features subtle, delicate detailing that makes them stand out from the rest. Using only high quality materials, you can rest assured that investing in a pair of Barker Shoes is an investment of worth, but which ones will you choose? 

    From boots and brogues, to moccasins and boat shoes - you can shop the full Barker Shoes range from Tredders here.

    But first, here's a look at what's new...

  10. The History of Shoemaking


    The visitor to Northampton will at once be reminded by the leather aprons and grimy faces which haunt the streets that he is in the land of shoemakers.” Murray’s Handbook for Travellers, 1878.

    Northampton has a long history of shoemaking dating back to the 15th Century, when assizes (decrees) regulated prices for cordwainers (the medieval name for shoemakers).
    Northampton’s suitability for shoemaking was down to a good supply of material (a large cattle market!) and its central location for distribution. In 1642 a group of shoemakers won a contract to supply the army, and by 1841 the shoe industry had grown to nearly 2000 shoemakers, although the process of making shoes had differed little from earlier centuries.
    Shoemakers usually had workshops in their homes, where wives and children helped out and often worked on Sundays to have more cash for the pub on Sunday nights. But they had to be …

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