The start of a new year means different things to different people. Some like to go sober for the month, others are growing their hair out. Us? We like to revamp our wardrobe!


From the winter essentials like waterproofs, scarfs, fluffy socks and umbrellas (You know, the basic must-haves for the colder days to come!). To Long sleeved T-shirts, woolly jumpers, fleeces and new bags.


But we also like to renew the less obvious items that a wardrobe should consist of! Such as a hip flasks (to use in February if you are taking part in dry January), Cosmetics bags, a striking new belt or a key holder… maybe this year you won’t lose your keys as much?


People set New Year’s resolution to try and accomplish a goal or otherwise enhance their lives... The Tredders goal is to always look good but be comfortable whilst doing so!