Autumn. My favourite season. A season for walking and being outdoors. Crisp air, blue skies. Reds, oranges, browns, amber. Crunchy leaves underfoot. Not too hot, not too cold. Just about right. A green light to get out, move forward, one foot in front of the other.

I walk by myself. I walk with my wife. I walk with my family. I walk with, and through, nature. Away from the roads, the traffic noise. The phone stays at home, as does the watch. Walking is important, fundamental, imperative, and therefore so should what you put on your feet be.

And so it’s also a time of year when I look at my footwear, weather I, or the ever-growing family unit, require new walking boots or wellingtons, walking socks and footwear accessories. Expense? Yes. But I don’t feel any guilt in this. The opposite, in fact. Knowing the amount of use I get out of the finest quality footwear, and that it is money spent on my health, as well as being functional and looking good of course.

Sundays are best. Sunday, late morning after a good, lazy breakfast. The household chores of the weekend already completed and the day ahead to be together and walk. We walk in the New Forest, amongst the heather and gorse, donkeys and ponies. Then there’s the beach. The best time for me. A breath of fresh air away from the crowds and heat of summer. I can’t sit still on a towel, but give me a pair of wellies and a good long stretch with a café at the end...Cones of chips (the bribe) for the boys and a good cup of coffee for the adults.

But some of the best walks are straight out of the house. Where you just pack a quick rucksack and head out without the need to call upon the car. I feel very fortunate to live on the edge of a small town, perfect for walking into town and even better for walking the other way and straight on to the footpaths and bridleways of Wiltshire.

Then you’re back home, you ease your boots off, stretch out in front of the fire eat homemade soup and bask in the endorphins, with the kids and a film. Autumn is for walking and everything else that comes with it.