Tricker’s Handmade Footwear – A Closer Look

Founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker in the famed cobbler country of Northamptonshire, England’s oldest shoemaker, Tricker’s has been producing handmade footwear of the very highest quality for almost 200 years.

Remaining a family-run business since inception, Tricker’s is now operating under its fifth generation of Tricker’s family management. As true to its foundations as it is to its family roots, each and every Tricker’s shoe is still produced at its original factory in the town centre of Northampton, with each pair undertaking the extensive 260 step process that makes Tricker’s shoes what they are.

Though Tricker’s quickly built a strong reputation for its outstanding manufacture of high quality and durable footwear, the Tricker’s name reached global fame in 1840 when Joseph Tricker’s son-in-law, Walter James Barltrop, designed and created the world’s very first country boot. This innovation heralded a new age not only for Tricker’s but for country footwear as a whole, with the brand quickly becoming the maker of choice for country boots and shoes for farmers, estate owners and the landed gentry both near and far.

Still the first choice brand for many handmade footwear and country lovers, Tricker’s range of incredible handmade footwear represents the impeccable craftsmanship of its team of highly-skilled shoemakers. Offering footwear options including everything from dealer boots and Chelsea boots to country boots and brogues, the Tricker’s name is proud to continue its production of stunning handmade footwear that’s built to last a lifetime and we are proud to stock it!

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