What Is A Shoe Tree And Do I Really Need To Use One?

“What is a shoe tree, and do I really need to use one?”

It’s a question we often get asked and one we’re more than happy to answer. In short, yes – if you want to protect your handmade shoes and ensure they don’t lose shape, quality or comfort, then we highly recommend using a shoe tree whenever your shoes are in their ‘off season’ and here’s why.


When well looked after, a pair of handmade shoes can last for many, many years, which is why it’s important to do everything possible to keep them looking fresh. Shoe trees are great for keeping formal shoes in shape, primarily because fine leathers often require a little extra support. More often than not, you don’t reach for your formal shoes on a regular basis, so keeping a shoe tree in them whilst they sit neatly in storage ensures they’re good as new each and every time you wear them.


This may seem like a strange one, but by helping your shoes to remain in good form, they’re likely to be far more comfortable to wear. No more squeezing into shoes that are misshapen, but rather comfortably slipping on a pair that have stayed true to size thanks to a correctly-sized shoe tree, that’s effectively a replica of your foot.


Sweat is common when wearing enclosed shoes, leaving the leather and lining of your handmade shoes at risk of absorbing moisture, which could cause unrepairable damage. Of course, wearing socks helps to protect the shoes a little, but moisture tends to find its way through most fabrics. Using a shoe tree helps to reduce moisture by allowing your shoes to breathe when not being warn, reducing the chance of damage and keeping your shoes in tip-top condition for longer.  


As mentioned, foot sweat is common when wearing closed shoes and, when worn for long periods of time, can leave a not-so-nice odour behind. By using a shoe tree, in particular those made of Cedar wood, all of that sweat and moisture can be drawn out whilst the shoes aren’t in use, leaving behind a nice, fresh, woody aroma every time you pop your shoes on.

So there you have it! Shoe trees are most certainly a worthwhile investment when it comes to taking care of your handmade shoes. As handmade shoe lovers ourselves, we are extremely particular about their care, handling and storing them carefully from the minute they reach our store or warehouse.

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