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Size and Fitting

Most of the shoes on our website have UK sizing, but a small number use the continental scale.
There is no international standard for shoe sizing, and sizes from international brands can vary.
Most English manufacturers are true to sizing, but, of course, foot shapes do vary and some styles
of shoe will have more room in certain places accordingly.

When it comes to shoe width, fittings are indicative of the girth around the shoe, rather than the width
across. Again, as with shoe sizing, width fitting can therefore vary according to foot shape and it may
be that, for example, an ‘F’ fitting shoe may feel it has more room than a ‘G’ fitting of a different shoe.
It is also worth taking into account that feet can swell during the day and with heat, and may feel tighter.

As a general guide for width fitting:

  • E = Narrow
  • F = Medium
  • G = Wide
  • H = Extra wide

Shoe last
A shoe last is a manufacturer's approximation of foot shape, which the upper of the
shoe is drawn over during production. The last gives the shoe its shape and fitting properties.

Goodyear welted soles
Goodyear welted soles is a traditional method of shoe construction that made Northamptonshire's
shoemakers famous. The stitched construction provides excellent comfort and shape retention,
while leather allows the foot to breathe.
Leather, being a natural material, allows the wearer's foot to Goodyear welted soles are also repairable.

Welted Rubber soles
Welted rubber soles are hard wearing, and is more appropriate for damp conditions, giving better grip on
slippery or uneven surfaces etc.

Leather soles
Some of our welted footwear feature a leather sole with a rubber insert, which provides the breathability of
leather, with the added grip and wear properties of rubber.

Below are size charts for some of our leading brands...